Peter O' Donnell

Hi Folks,
Glad to have you taken on the MAD Adventure Race Challenge. The Mad Organisation team would like you to take on board a few guidelines and rules to make sure everyone has an enjoyable, fair and most importantly, safe race.
Have a read below and feel free to contact us with any further queries you may have.

MAD ADVENTURE RACE Donegal is a self-sufficient race.

* All competitors must attend for registration on Friday 21 st July between 19:00 – 21:30.
* All competitors must read and Sign the event waiver, failure to this, you will be unable to participate in the event.
* There are no parking facilities at transition areas, therefore please take caution, be vigilant of other road users and adhere to rules of the road. Please move on once bike drop is complete, to avoid unnecessary obstruction or delay.
* There are no bike repair vehicles on the course. Competitor support vehicles are NOT allowed accompany any competitor around the course. Failure to comply will result in a significant time penalties and/or disqualification.
* The ‘Full Course’ race will commence at 08:00 sharp. Warm up is permissible, however, all competitors must be present for race briefing at least 10 minutes before the start of each wave.
* The ‘Sprint’ race will commence at 10:50am sharp. Warm up is permissible, however, all competitors must be present for race briefing at least 10 minutes before the start of each wave.
* Competitors must at all times carry a mandatory kit throughout the duration of the race. Those who do not; will not be allowed to start the race:

Mandatory Kit List

This is an adventure race. There will not be marshals around every corner and medical assistance might take a while to get to you so it is vital that all competitors bring the following mandatory kit list with them from the start.

* Please carry mandatory kits at all times during race. Bike pump, helmet and tube can remain on your bike while you are running/kayaking

* Competitor numbers must be clearly pinned to the front of their jersey or race belt.
* Race Numbers must be clearly visible on each competitors bike saddle.
* Competitors must take instruction from the starter and the marshals around the course. Failure to heed marshals will result in time penalties and/or disqualification.
* You must wear a cycling helmet while cycling and this must be securely fastened at all times. Fasten before un-racking your bike and only unfasten after the cycle section is complete and you have re-racked your bike.
* Personal stereo equipment is strictly prohibited i.e.; iPod, MP 3, Radio etc. This should be removed and stored away safely before the event. MAD Adventure Donegal will not be responsible for lost/damage to personnel belongings/equipment.
* Bike drop is located in the in the lay-by on the main Milford – Kerrykeel road, Bike drop will be open from 19:00 – 22:00, Friday 21 st July. There is NO bike drop in the morning of the event. (Special exceptions to this, must be approved by race director in advance) Security will be in place overnight.
* Bike racks will not be individually numbered, so please take note of your isle and bike location at bike drop to avoid confusion on race day.
* All competitors will be required to run an equal distance in transition (Team transition distance will be slightly different – this will be explained at registration and again at mandatory race briefing)
* Please be courteous and be tidy in the transition area as items left lying around cause accidents. Do not interfere with other competitor’s equipment.
* There is no cycling in the transition area. A time penalty (2 minutes) will be enforced for breaching this rule.
* Walk with your bike out of transition and only mount it when you pass the designated mark/line on the road.
* Similarly on your return, before re- entering transition area, you must dismount your bike before the yellow line. Stewards will warn cyclists to prepare to slow down/dismount.
* You must replace your bike on the rack, before removing helmet.
* You will be cycling on public roads, the rules of the road apply, you must obey all instructions from the Gardai and Marshals, they are there for your safety.
* The course route is marked on the road, (White = Full course, Yellow = Sprint course), Marshals will be allocated to all major junctions.
* Drafting is allowed. However, drafting behind a moving vehicle will NOT be tolerated as this is represents an unfair advantage & will result in automatic disqualification.
* Crossing the white line in the centre of the road with live traffic will result in immediate disqualification; cycle no more than 2 abreast.
* If a competitor gets into difficulty, they should use their whistle to get the attention of safety personnel and inform others.
* Competitors who retire must immediately report in person to race officials at the start/finish area.
* Safety personnel reserve the right to remove any competitors from the event who they believe are putting themselves or others in undue danger.
* Competitors who retire shall not be allowed to proceed to the next section of the race. During this time the retired competitor must inform race officials if they wish to leave the start/finish area.
* Slower competitors should stay towards the back of the start line for safety reasons, so that they are not overwhelmed by the rush at the start.
* Please give way to competitors descending the mountain/trail run.
* Littering is strictly prohibited; any evidence of this will lead to a time penalty and /or disqualification. Please use bins provided and start/finish and transition areas.
* Timing chips must be removed and presented to a race official at the end of your race, failure to return timing chip will result in a €50 fee.
* All personal belongings must be removed from transitions areas by the end of the event. MAD Adventure Race Donegal will not be responsible for any lost or damaged belongings.
* Competitors must produce their own corresponding race number to remove their bike from the transition area following the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Best Regards